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Les Collines Vineyard

chicory in LCVChicory in the Vineyard
Les Collines sits at the base of the Blue Mountains. Certain times of the year, we are quite dry at this site, therefore use drip irrigation. Other times, we get a LOT of moisture here—hence the chicory. It's deep root systems suck up extra moisture, rather than the vines' roots!
Grape Leaves and SunSun and Grape Leaves

Harvesting Grapes Les Collines VineyardHarvesting Fruit

Les Collines VineyardLes Collines Vineyard

Les Collines Vineyard - Drip IrrigationDrip Irrigation

Les Collines Vineyard - Drip Irrigation 2Drip Irrigation & Mylar

Les Collines Vineyard Syrah 5-5-13Syrah Leaves in Springtime...5/5

Les Collines Vineyard Syrah 5-13-13Syrah Leaves from the Same Block, 8 Days Later...5/13

Norm McKibben in Block 50 (Syrah) of Les Collines Vineyard, Australian Sprawl TrellisingNorm McKibben in Block 50 (Syrah) Featuring Australian Sprawl Trellising