Hot Weather Precautions for Wine

The summer heat has finally returned to Walla Walla Wine Country! With current temperatures well over 80 degrees and climbing, now is a good time to remind you that heat is a wine killer! The last thing you want is to get home from your wine getaway to find that all of your wine purchases have gone from elegant and sophisticated to prune-infused vinegar. A couple of tried-and-true precautions can ensure the quality of your wine remains intact from the tasting room to your home.

Don’t Leave Wine in Your Car

It’s a common misconception that bringing purchases from one winery into the next is a faux pas. We are all aware that ours is not the only tasting room you’re visiting during your stay. It is our recommendation that even if you only buy 1 bottle at a winery, you ask for a case box that holds 12 bottles. Bring the box inside the other tasting rooms you visit throughout the day and utilize their air conditioning while you taste; then add to the box when you make a purchase. To keep the wines at a stable temperature between stops, we don’t recommend placing wines in the trunk, as it’s generally not exposed to the air conditioning in your car. On the floor or buckled up on the passenger seat (it looks extra, but boxes tip over) in front of the vent works great. Finally, don’t forget to take your wines into the house or hotel before you go to dinner. Your car can reach well over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes – that’s cork-popping territory, people!

Consider Shipping

Most wineries have strict policies for shipping during hot weather, Amavi Cellars included. However, you can opt to have your wines shipped at a later date, when temperatures are lower. You won’t be incumbered by your purchases during your visit and your wines will reach you in optimal condition: that’s a win-win!